ath-mhìneachadh ceòl Ceilteach

.Celtic World Orchestra merges many musical flavors into its Celtic roots. June Skinner Sawyers enlightens us in her "Timeless & Ageless, Ancient & Modern" writings about this below. The music of Celtic World Orchestra is sometimes edgy ... sometimes soft ... and always adventurous and bold. Celtic World Orchestra writes, records and performs in many styles and genres including: Adult, Pop, Celtic, Rock, World, Cinematic, Soundtrack, Orchestral, Classical/Crossover, New Age, Soft Pop, Solo Piano; and, music influenced by Game of Thrones, House of the Dragon and Outlander. The Orchestra is fascinated by (and sometimes obsessed by) rambling thoughts of Middle Earth, Legends, Elves, Hobbits, Medieval Dance, Fairies, Castles, Dragons, Enchanted Forests, Magic and Mythology. Celtic World Orchestra features over 100 contributing musicians and guests from 8 Countries. Our Collective credits include many Grammys, chart-topping records, and top grossing Films and TV Series.